CUPETS Cat Tree flannelette Cat Climber Play House Condo Furniture with Scratching Post, Activity Tree Pet Products for Cats 51 Inches High

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Brand : CUPETS



CUPETS cats shelves are easy to assemble and stable to stand on and it is fun for cats sleep on.Great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising, Multi-Level design makes it fashionable and beautiful and interesting !



Overall Size:14.2″W x “L x 13.8″H

Material:Weedtree + Flannelette

Bottom Board: 14.2*13.8inches

Roof: 8.8*8.8inches

Column Height: 15.7inches

Design: Multi-Level design

Spare Parts:screws,and user manuals

Feature 1: IT IS EASY TO ASSEMBLE–it is very easy to put together,it will take about 10-15 minutes to assembly them as you follow the installation instruction.

Feature 2: IT IS VERY STABLE TO STAND ON FLOORS—It is steady for cats to jump on and off.Cats will feel safe and interesting to play on it.

Feature 3: IT IS FUN FOR CATS–Cats will like to play on and around it,sleep on it.Great unit for scratching,climbing,sleeping,and exercising.

Feature 4: COLOR IS LOVELY AND ATTRACTIVE AND WELL MADE–It has a nice, big platform at the top,They can use it as a perch to look out the window.

Feature 5:Multi-Level design–Different size cats houses and platforms.Suitable for 0-1 years old small cats.

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